About us

Our company is one of the world's leading travel companies, with extensive destination choices including the most visited places worldwide. We are glad to express our satisfaction experienced throughout our more than 15 successful years providing on-line services. We have initiated and cultivated excellent relationships with some of the most recognized wholesale travel agencies all over the world, including countries like the USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay and Mexico, as well as many other countries in America, Europe and Asia. Considered a top-class agency from the very beginning, our company has used the most advanced electronic devices to book tours and activities.

why us

  • M I S S I O N

    To become the best in the creation, commercialization and operation of travel experiences by providing an excellent service to our clients.

  • V I S I O N

    Our primary growth driver will be technology, product innovation, customer loyalty, global expansion and personalized service.


  • • We believe in being different, we seek new ideas, different ways of thinking, diverse backgrounds and approaches, because averages can lie and sameness is dangerous. This norms are important for us to identify how we work together. Like our company these norms will evolve.
  • • We lead humbly, our leaders serve their teams. None of us has all of the answers, but we are curious and we are always looking to learn. Though our leaders take their responsibilities to our business and their teams incredibly serious, they always have fun and keep the good spirit.
  • • We are transparent, we communicate openly and honestly, at all levels. We overcome difficult issues quickly. We act, we learn.
  • • We are organized to give an excellent service, we seek to gather data as fast as possible, and move. We are constantly improving ourselves.
  • We work as one team: we look to optimize for the greater good, not just our own, or even our own teams interests.

Our team